Changes in the environment and idea management processes almost always lead to an inevitable change in the work agreement. The three committees have reached a working agreement which, among other things, regulates the donation procedure and the use of funds. As explained in more detail in the following entry on the status of the company, there are certain measures that the employer can introduce only after the conclusion of a corresponding company agreement with the works council (classified as a necessary company agreement). Secondly, there are other measures and issues on which one of the parties may impose a company agreement: in the event of non-agreement, the person concerned has the right to refer the matter to a conciliation body responsible for the mediation attempt and, in case of failure, is entitled to decide the matter himself. An agreement that addresses these issues, either by the parties or through the commission, is therefore classified as an enforceable company agreement. Thirdly, there are various other issues in which, although a company agreement can be concluded, it is neither unilaterally binding nor impossible by either party (as an optional company agreement, i.e. optional company agreement). The distinction between these three types of working arrangements is important not only because they reflect the different participation rights of the works council, but also because the law provides for certain special rules for each type. For example, a binding work agreement cannot be terminated unilaterally, while an optional work arrangement can.

A company agreement is an agreement between the works council and the employer. There are therefore no operating contracts without a works council. The negotiation of operating contracts is one of the main tasks of a works council. For us, family and career compatibility is not an empty word, but a central pillar of our corporate culture within the framework of the company agreement: we support and advise you before the start of your parental leave and until your return, help you find childcare services and take care of family members. Apprentices and students in the work-study program receive a special collective agreement in our company. 5. additional employee representations under the Constitutional Law on enterprises in order to facilitate cooperation between the works council and employees. .