And what matters is that it is not the BBC that makes this judgment on poverty. It is the government that defines and controls this measure. » The license fee in Slovakia is €4.64 per month (€55.68 per year). [60] In addition to the licence fee, RTVS also receives public subsidies and advertising funds. Digital Minister Matt Warman has asked the BBC to think about it again. In the House of Commons, he said: « The BBC had a generous royalty system and it is deeply disappointing that they have chosen to follow the path they seem to be following. I hope there is still time to reconsider that, because… Television has been a great comfort to many people in recent months and it is also an important part of our economy. In Scotland, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Office is prosecuting the circumvention of television licences. [179] Very few cases in Scotland are brought before the courts. .