Matt Hutchings, president of Altitude, issued a statement following the deal and asked, « What sets fans of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche apart? Why did Comcast decide that Marquee Sports Network should be offered on fair market-based terms, but not Altitude? 23. TITLES: The headings used in this Agreement shall be interpreted only for simplicity and in no way as supplements or restrictions to the agreements and understandings contained in this Agreement. In addition, these titles may not invalidate the other provisions of this Agreement. 10. ASSIGNMENT: This contract may not be transferred or assigned to third parties without the written consent of altitude. 4. PERIPHERALS: All « plug-in » peripherals, including servers, switches, headsets, dialers, UPS devices, answering machines and cordless/wireless or other telephones that are not provided by altitude, are not covered by this Agreement. StratusIQ has extended our agreement with the Altitude Sports network to allow our customers to be sure that they can continue to see their favorites, such as for example. B 24th GLOBAL AGREEMENT: the provisions contained in this agreement contain, together with all SLAs, the entire agreement of the parties.

Neither Party has made any other assurances, nor has it relied on those expressly set out in this Agreement. Any modification, modification, supplement or modification of this Agreement must be made in writing, relating to this Agreement and executed by both Altitude and the Customer. Altitude wants to clarify a series of fake news regarding the availability of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche playoff games in the Denver area. Altitude has agreed to waive its exclusive broadcast rights in Denver for the first round of the Avalanche playoff race, under a multi-year agreement with the NHL. According to NBA rules Altitude has also waived its exclusivity for first-round nuggets playoff games.