(Leases, binding sales contracts, instruments of incorporation/company deeds, articles of association, contracts, letters, powers and other types of private law documents) If a calculation with software is not possible, the amount of text is determined per page or word according to our discretionary assessment. The calculation is performed with text transformation software. In the case of the number of pages, the number of pages based on the default page format is defined as follows: prices are negotiable and are subject to the level of difficulty of the initial text and the size of the translation project. For a short time, the price can be set higher than described above. (court decisions, police investigation reports, etc.) Any additional work associated with translation, such as for example. B the creation and synchronization of layouts and image compositions are subject to an additional fee. (birth certificates, marriage certificates, family cards, academic transcripts/diplomas) From the 500th per word in the initial text for the Translation into English Indonesian, depending on the time to completion of the project, the volume of the project and the level of difficulty. Special rates may apply to highly technical texts. .