Schwab imposes short-term repayment fees for certain investment fund transactions and reserves the right to prevent people who act in the short term with investment funds from purchasing one or all of the funds available through Schwab. Our short-term cash-in policy, including fees and other restrictions, is available on and on request. Schwab may also charge transaction fees for certain investment fund transactions; You would not collect this tax if you purchased shares directly from a fund company. Your purchase and sale of shares of investment funds may be subject to additional fees imposed by the Fund, such as Z.B. The sale and conditional withdrawal fees that are separated from the transaction and other fees charged to you by Schwab. You agree to pay all fees charged by Schwab and/or a fund and you are solely responsible for it. If your account is less than the minimum value required to open this account, you allow us to take the appropriate steps to close your account. If no credit is available in your account, you will be notified before your account closes. They allow us to liquidate shares of securities, including, but not exclusively, on shares of investment funds or other companies whose shares are held for you in a continuous offer (« fund ») and which, for whatever reason, are not transferred to the issuer. After your account closes, we will send you certificates or ask the agent for a book deposit for non-fund securities held by you (if the physical certificates are issued and transferred by the company and/or the transfer agent) or a cheque that reflects the bar balance on your account at the time of closing or both at our sole discretion. If your account has been closed for any reason, if securities or other real estate are credited to any source of your account, you allow us to send you either certificates of non-monetary securities or a cheque reflecting your account balance, or both. When calculating your account`s cash balance at the time of closing, we reserve the right to deduct any outstanding fees or charges (including account service charges), certificate processing fees or other fees related to closing your account.

You agree not to blame us for the losses resulting from the closure of your account. You also authorize your mobile operator (AT-T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon or any other branded wireless operator) to disclose information about your wireless account, such as your mobile phone number, name, address, your email address, network status, customer type, customer role, billing type, mobile device identifiers (IMSI and IMEI) and other subscriber identifiers, subscriber methods and device details, if they are available to support identity verification, fraud prevention and other uses to support transactions for the duration of your business relationship. This information can also be shared with other companies to support your transactions with us and to help verify identity and prevent fraud. You`ll find how we handle your data in our privacy statement. We may choose to verify the authenticity and content of a payment order by calling an authorized signatory to your account and/or anyone else you designate as an agent for that purpose.