The parties agree that each party is not liable for the negligence or omission of the agents or employees of the other party. This agreement should not be construed as requiring a party to compensate another party for its negligence, actions or omissions. The Arkansas Constitution prohibits uAMS, as a sovereign entity, from entering into third-party compensation agreements. This agreement cannot be construed as lifting the sovereign immunity of the State of Arkansas or its units, including UAMS; nor does it constitute a waiver of the legal requirements for filing a claim against the State of Arkansas, its entities or UAMS, which must be submitted to the Arkansas Claims Commission. UAMS ensures that all services provided under this directive are provided in accordance with established and recognized laboratory clinical trial procedures with appropriate diligence, in accordance with applicable federal, regional and local laws. The other guarantees are not linked by labs. Under no circumstances will LABORATORY be responsible for any subsequent or special damage caused by UAMS or third parties. Tests conducted in these tests are conducted at the Little Rock laboratory facility in Arkansas or at another similar LABORATORY facility. The facility is and will remain a clinical laboratory duly licensed under current federal, regional and municipal law, and non-compliance with accreditation could lead to the immediate termination of this agreement. The titles of the sections of this agreement are intended only for simplicity or reference and do not affect the provisions of this agreement.

This agreement, attached exhibitions and schedules, other agreements (at least included in this reference) include the entire agreement and the parties` understanding of the planned transactions and replaces all prior agreements, written or written, between the parties. The initial term of the agreement begins on March 21, 2011 and ends on March 20, 2014 (the « start period »).