Are you looking for courses to meet the requirements of the CES? To see what`s in store for us, check out our calendar of events looking for learning units. AIA| LA, community partners and AIA| LA committees organize conferences, seminars, presentations and tours that offer more than 120 CES LUs per year. Who reports my credits? AIA members have the advantage of reporting all LU credits to AIA through the chapter| The events of LA. Non-members should apply for graduation certificates and self-report their credits. Join the AIA CES for these upcoming live webinars, in which we will teach you specific themes as AIA CES education providers. Do you need to check your CES transcripts? Visit and Login with your AIA member`s registration information to view your completed courses and the number of units. I participated in a non-AIA event and I have the desire to declare loans. How do I run? Automatic identifiers should only be reserved for events in which you participated and which have not been managed by an AIA chapter or an AIA-approved CES provider. Please note that you cannot report credits for an event that is already an AIA-certified LU event. To improve the profession, the AIA requires its members to follow 18 Continuing Education Learning Units (CSEs) per year.

Of which at least 12 hours must be considered health, safety and well-being (HSW). I don`t see any recognition for an CES event I attended – what do I do? AIA members can check their CES transcripts by visiting and clicking « Login » in the upper right corner. If you do not see credit for an event you attended within 30 days of the event, please contact the Chapter office to confirm this. AIA Los Angeles is a registered AIA-approved continuing education provider under the A053 vendor number. All registered AIA CES providers must meet AIA standards for continuing education programs. Any questions or concerns about this provider or apprenticeship program can be sent to AIA CES ( or (800) AIA 3837, option 3). All apprenticeship programs offered by the AIA Los Angeles are registered with AIA CES for continuing professional training. As such, they do not contain content that could be considered or interpreted as the approval or approval by the AIA of building materials or methods or methods for handling, using, distributing or trading materials or products.