Each party (the « recipient ») maintains confidential and trusting the confidential information of the other party (the « notifying party ») for the duration of this agreement and avoids disclosure or disclosure to another person or entity by doing the same care it uses to avoid any unauthorized use, disclosure or disclosure of its own confidential information of the same nature. , but no less than due diligence and (b) not to use confidential information for any purpose, unless expressly provided for in this agreement. The recipient only transmits confidential information to its staff and contractors who must be aware of this confidential information and ensures that these agents and contractors comply with the provisions of this section. The recipient`s obligations under this section do not apply to information that the recipient was in possession of at the time of disclosure and without restriction of confidentiality; (ii) is publicly available at the time of disclosure or after public disclosure is made public, without the recipient violating an agreement or other unlawful act by the recipient. , (iii) was received by a third party without limitation of disclosure and without breaching an agreement of the recipient, or (iv) is developed independently of the recipient, regardless of the confidential information provided by the revealing party. In addition, the recipient may disclose confidential information to the public party where necessary to comply with the binding injunctions of the public authorities that are responsible for it; Provided that the recipient immediately submits a written notification to the public party so that the public party can request a protection decision or other appropriate protection decision, disclose only confidential information requested by the public authority and make economically reasonable efforts to obtain confidential treatment for all confidential information disclosed.