In the strengthened agreement approved by the OSCE President-in-Office, Slovak Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Miroslav Lajak; Thomas Greminger, OSCE Secretary General; and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the leaders of the two organizations working for common, effective and cooperative solutions to cope with rapid changes in regional and global security environments. Communication and Media Activities Section OSCE Secretariat Telephone: 43,676 71 74 In addition, the OSCE provides active and sustained support to states in their transformation process by providing assistance in strengthening and strengthening their capacity. In addition, the Organization encourages regional and sub-regional cooperation. In recent years, activities with Mediterranean and Asian partner countries have also intensified. In 2016, Austria chaired the contact group with Mediterranean partners. In this context, it also hosted the Mediterranean Conference on Northern and Southern Mediterranean Youth, held in Vienna in October 2016 and focused on the topic of youth radicalisation. OSCE Secretary-General Thomas Greminger said the agreement was an important step in strengthening the long-standing partnership between the OSCE and the United Nations. « Through increased information exchange and knowledge exchange, we will strengthen the effectiveness of our respective efforts to achieve common goals of peace, security, development and human rights, » he said. Service conditions for more specific types of employment (for example. B temporary aid) are defined on an individual basis, subject to the existing legal framework and the different circumstances of each case. The main consideration with regard to the employment of OSCE staff and the definition of conditions of service is the need to ensure the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity, taking full account of the principle of fair recruitment of staff from all OSCE participating states on an equitable basis and the importance of gender balance within the organisation. Please note that, in accordance with the OSCE legal framework, appointments for all professional and general services are in stage 1 of the current OSCE pay scale.

It is the competent authority`s responsibility to authorize the appointment on an exceptional basis at a higher level, but within the third stage, provided that the applicant provides relevant evidence that he or she has more years of relevant experience than those indicated in the recruitment notice or that the candidate`s remuneration with the former employer was higher than that offered by the OSCE. For more information on the structure and work of the OSCE secretariat: Over the past decade, the OSCE has become an important player in the areas of early warning, conflict prevention, civil crisis management and post-conflict crisis management, through activities such as border management, border management missions, election observation missions, police training and judicial reform.