(14) If the above is acceptable to the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the message proposes that this note, together with the ministry`s response, constitutes an agreement between the two governments, which will come into force at the time of the ministry`s response. Personally, I am not opposed to these agreements (SOFA/MCC, etc.) as long as all bases are stationed to the north and east. The United States will pay a lot of money. The Sri Lankan government can use this money either to repay loans to creditors or for the development of the South. The agreements are not binding, they are subject to extension, so that foreigners, if there is a major problem, can leave the country. Sri Lanka is the 17th country to receive this grant. Under the agreement, Sri Lanka will receive $480 million for two development projects: a traffic management project and an agricultural project. Of the 16 previous countries that benefited from this grant, most have successfully concluded the MCC agreement, although some countries have subsequently withdrawn from the agreement. The Agreement on States of the Armed Forces (SOFA), also known as the Visiting Force Agreement (VFA), is the most damaging agreement for the country. It focuses exclusively on placing Sri Lanka under the authority of the U.S. government. If these and other clauses of the agreement are not an indication of a future military presence, what other conclusions could be drawn? However, as Samaranayake points out, proposed defence pacts with the United States tend to be controversial in the first place.

That is what happened, for example, with India, when the United States followed logistics and communication pacts. « New Delhi has finally concluded these agreements, » she notes. In addition, he expects the Sri Lankan government to facilitate the transfer of our sovereignty to the United States in order to fulfill its wishes without interference from the Sri Lankan government. U.S. officials involved in the project, contractors and other collaborators working with the United States.