A. A drawing or map showing the exact legal limits of a property, location of improvements, facilities, signs, interventions and other physical characteristics. Below, we have listed the details of the property purchase form in Pakistan. It is linked to the Bayana and implies that only those who are able to sign a contract can legally transfer property to Pakistan. Under the Contracts Act of 1872, a contract is « a binding agreement between two parties. » Our commercial property team is competent, professional and experienced. Clients include private developers, development companies, small businesses, merchants, office building owners, warehouses and commercial areas. We are at home and we work for both tenants and landlords. Property Litigation Department Finally, you confirm that there is no problem with the property in question. A. Before you buy real estate from a company, you must verify by the Registrar of Companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan that the property is not mortgaged or is not used as collateral against a loan, otherwise it will not be considered a property.

In addition, the association memorandum verifies that those who can act on behalf of the company for the sale of the building, if a solution is needed, then the same must be passed and verified. Also check the original documents of the sales company. Q. Can real estate be sold when it is mortgaged? Sometimes the ticket price of agents can be 2% of the value of the property. Or they may be satisfied with a much lower (fixed) amount, regardless of the price of the house. A. In Pakistan, land records are maintained by the district administration to decide on the ownership and boundaries of land or land. Well, you start by knowing what exactly a property transfer is. Has. The gift can always be made in life and it becomes effective when it is complete, while will only be effective after the death of its Creator. Another distinguishing feature is that an owner may give his entire property to a legal heir of himself in his life, but he cannot make a will, the entire property to be given to a legal heir. He may have the will of a 1/3 amount of his participation in favour of a person who is not a legitimate heir and who, if made in favour of a legal heir, must have the consent/agreement of others inherited from the law.

Finally, you must bring to the shelter office the stamp paper labeled with the deed of sale, as well as all the necessary documents listed above. Here, a magistrate/sub-responsible hears both parties to the compromise. As soon as he is satisfied with the procedure, he approves the transaction and registers the deed. The guide described above guides you on the basic process of transferring and selling real estate in Pakistan through a sale agreement.