(3) If a landlord increases the rent payable by a tenant, the increase applies on the first day of a tenancy period and the landlord communicates the increase to the tenant in writing (3) At the request of a tenant, a tenant must receive rent or other amounts paid to the landlord for residential buildings. 2. Notwithstanding subsection 1, this Act does not apply to 21 where a residential building is in possession or to the Government of Canada, the province, the municipality or an agency in Canada and the rent for residential buildings is directly subsidized by the Government of Canada or the province. 1. Notwithstanding paragraph 18, paragraph 1, paragraph 3, paragraph a), if a lessor violates the legal conditions of paragraph 10, paragraph 1, 1, 1, the tenant may notify the lessor that the tenancy agreement is terminated and that the tenant intends to evacuate the dwellings with immediate effect. (c) if the landlord has an agent or other person responsible for apartment buildings, the name, telephone number, email address and address of the citizen of the representative or another person where documents may be received, distributed or distributed by the tenant; (a) a residential complex that is not an RV park and has more than 9 units; and (6) If a lessor has 3 or more residential buildings, the interest account in the subsection (5) is a receiver account used exclusively for bonds. (iii) repair or renovation of apartment buildings to ensure that the dwellings are empty; and (2) If a tenant who is served with the termination of a tenancy agreement believes that the lessor has breached the subsection (1), he may, no later than one month after receiving the notification, ask the manager in accordance with Section 42 for an order indicating that the lease is not terminated. (c) require a landlord or tenant who has breached the obligation of a tenancy agreement to demand compliance or performance of the obligation; (f) order a lessor to take possession of a property rented from a tenant in violation of this Act or the tenancy agreement, or to compensate a tenant for the value of the personal property taken from him; 4. Notwithstanding the terms of a tenancy agreement, where a landlord has not complied with the subsection (2) or (3), the tenant`s tenancy obligation is suspended and the landlord does not require the tenant to pay the rent until the landlord respects the subsection (2) or (3). 26. (1) If a tenant receives a certificate from the director in paragraph 25, paragraph 3, the tenant may terminate a tenancy agreement with a period of at least 30 days.

(a) the termination of the tenancy agreement has taken place and registration is made at an appropriate time to show the premises to a tenant or potential buyer, and reasonable efforts have been made to inform the tenant at least 4 hours in advance; 10.