The AU could continue to designate academic specialists and coordinators as DESAs on the basis of criteria set out in section 42 of the policy, such as the history of collective bargaining. B, its functional relationship with « academics » and the impact of the de-designation on them. The directive gives the Governing Council the power to determine the weight (if any) of these considerations. The University of Lethbridge Faculty Association (ULFA) strives to hire a full-time position for a professional. The successful candidate will have duties related to supporting ULFA membership in all industrial relations issues arising from complaints and collective bargaining. Knowledge, skills, and skills 1. Shows labour law, appeal procedures and collective bargaining; 2. demonstrates a good understanding of the post-secondary labour relations environment; 3. shows strength and discernment in the management of constitutions, statutes and policies; 4. supports the leadership and initiatives of the elected UlfA Group; 5. Has the ability to cooperate effectively with elected ULFA officers; 6. is politically sensitive in the management of the multi-plethore membership of the association, university delegates and external contacts; 7.

Has strong communication skills; 8. Has strong business and organizational capabilities. Summary of Responsibilities: 1. Head of the ULFA`s governing body by the executive officer; 2) meet with members on all aspects of the collective agreement and related legislation; 3. establish, prosecute and ensure that deadlines are met for all complaints; 4. Identify areas that require training and commitment from Member States 5. Responsible for processing, presenting and maintaining confidential records; 6. staff support in committees and executive officer activity, as required Qualifications: 1. Preferred experience in labour relations, legal framework, collective bargaining and handling of complaints or related areas; 2.

vocational training or appropriate experience under the Constitution and statutes; 3.