After going around the world as a guitarist for #1 hit billboard artists like Tantric, I decided to go to the business side! I started my own music industry company that now serves dozens of countries. I started exploring an idea in the field and making it a business. From there, I decided to go to law school! While studying law, I worked as a senior research associate for the New York State Innovation Law Center. As a senior research associate, I would facilitate meetings with clients with innovative technologies who wish to patent and/or commercialize their ideas. I would do intellectual property in depth… In patent cases, our legal team works closely with patent lawyers. We have the technical know-how in our own home and we can arrange translations for you so that a court and/or contractor can understand the object and appreciate your right to its value. Our lawyers also act on behalf of trademark owners and advise them on the management, protection and operation of their trademark portfolios. You will also be represented in court if you violate your design law or if you wish to oppose the right of another party. Because of the combination of design rights and other legal areas, design procedures are often legally complex and close collaboration between ip specialist counsel and a brand and defence lawyer is important to achieve a positive outcome. I am a lawyer and work primarily with business owners in contracts, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising and securities law.

I also own a legal research and writing company that provides outsourced legal research and writing services, primarily for lawyers in connection with requests, letters, briefs, briefs, white papers and other documents that my clients relocate to me to save time to focus on other tasks, while respecting court deadlines. I got magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, finished in the top 7% of my law school, where I got awards and… What characterizes our intellectual property lawyers is their understanding of the world you work in. To cite just two of many examples, one of our London partners previously worked as an in-house consultant for Microsoft and Expedia, while a partner in Milan spent many years at Valentino and is closely involved in the representation of Italian fashion brands with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. We understand your business, and it is a point of pride for us to act as part of your team.