You will be given an additional period of up to 30 days from the start of the tenancy to cover you in case you discover any damage caused by the former tenants or who were already there. If you can`t find the « grace period » in the agreement, ask for it and make sure it`s included. Sendhelper offers a wide range of home services for tenants and landlords. Entry and exit cleaning, regular or spring cleaning, laundry service, air conditioning, artisanal service, pest control, etc. are some of the services among which you can choose to keep your home organized. Download the Sendhelper app today to book a service. Do not write your signature on the contract if you are not yet sure of certain clauses. I found out about this when I unleashed the tenant to see if he wanted to extend it for another year. The tenant had not paid, although the lease indicated that the rent was payable on the first of each month. There is usually a clause stating that Aircon`s repair is covered by the owner. It`s worth checking with your agent if you have to pay the first 150-200 dollars (if the air conditioning no longer works). In addition to checking the above information, you can also include the following important clauses in the rental agreement to ensure your own interest as a tenant. If this is a recurring problem that causes a lot of inconvenience for the tenant, the tenant may not be able to renew the lease because he does not always want to get through the problems of facing the problem.

But there is a global principle. A landlord must provide a tenant with a « habitable » unit. If your seat is too hot to live safely for a long period of time, you are entitled to a rent reduction, repairs that make the device fit for life or the termination of the lease. But be prepared for a fight with the landlords and tenants` council to assert these rights. There are generally a number of access clauses that allow the owner to enter the premise for specified purposes. This is usually related to repair work or the end of the lease to allow potential tenants to visit. Towards the end of your lease, the landlord can arrange visits to minimize the period during which the device is empty. As a sedentary tenant, you can specify a few details, such as visits. B, notification required, etc.

I had experienced situations where the owners did not pass the lease and did not really understand certain clauses. Tenants should wait for air conditioning systems every 3 months. The Air Con maintenance clause is included in the contract and is a responsible tenant. If you are an expatriate renting in Singapore, it is to your advantage to include the diplomatic clause in the rental agreement. In case you have to reduce your stay in Singapore and go home, this clause allows you to terminate your rental agreement without issuing a huge penalty amount after staying for a specified period (for example. B, 14 months for a 2-year lease). One thing the law does not allow is rent that goes up and down after the whims of the landlord. But the rent can be increased if both the landlord and tenant agree to add an air conditioner or accept additional electricity charges for air conditioning. If the landlord agrees to provide an air conditioner or the landlord agrees to allow the tenant to install an air conditioner that the rental contract does not allow, the rent can only be increased to cover the actual costs to the landlord. If the landlord stops providing the additional benefit, the rent must be reduced.