Thanks alex ., great that I have a lot, say, I can immediately use for positive agreements, for example- I have a car., I have either the right? I can say (me too) instead of wedem and be? Thank you very much – Matthews hasn`t seen the new movie yet. I haven`t seen the new movie yet. – Matthews hasn`t seen the new movie yet, and I haven`t seen it.- Matthews hasn`t seen the new movie yet, and neither has I. Hey, Alex! I mean. Thank you very much! Your videos are awesome! I`m learning a lot. 😀 I have a request that I hope you can answer. You have made an excellent statement, nor one that is used for negative agreements, but what about a positive agreement and its use and also? I would be very grateful if you could teach a lesson on this subject. « I amn`t » does not exist in English. « Imn`t, » 🙂 Both are wrong. A: I can`t swim.

B: I can`t either. I can`t swim either.) Thanks to your gentleman, this is a wondefull way to understand the use of both and not, I already have my ESL certificate, and I`ll come back next week to resume the pre-class, I need still some refreshment, so that I`ll take TESOL CLASS, I appreciate all your efforts, I used to learn from you guys, alex, james, ronnie ,valen,i do like all your best ways to teach english.thank you engvid team, You can say « So will I » and « Neither will I » to respond to sentences with « will » and « won`t. » Thank you « BIG-Alex. » The people I`ve observed don`t lose anything from your lesson, neither do I!. See you again… on the next Internet-classrooms.and many, thank you for your efforts and commitment that allow me to improve our knowledge of English!! Hello, sir, how are you? I hope you`re too good. First of all, thanks for the useful lesson you posted for us. second, I am perplexed when you said, « Neither do I. » Sounds like a matter of day for me. Can I say « me » and not me? I`m very happy that you`re giving me some clarification. « I am either » is a common mistake made by new Learners in English and also by native speakers. The correct answer is, « Neither do I. » Thank you Alex That`s a great lesson.

Now I`ve learned to use both and no. Tarcésio. From Brazil Hello Alex, thank you for your help in helping us understand, but, I want to know if it is right, either she or she or she either, etc… Help me get it. thanx in advance, I didn`t score well. in this quiz. I`m a little confused in the use of n n too. I have to improve. What a wonderful teacher! Thank you for your video. I can understand how not to be and either after seeing the video. I`m going to have a big test this afternoon, and now I feel so confident before my test.

I hope you`ll make more useful videos like this. « Me neither » and « Me neither »: we can also use « me too » and « me neither. » « I too » has the same meaning as `so ` hilfsverb ` I` and `I neither` has the same meaning as `neither ` auxiliary verb `I`. « Me too » and « I don`t don`t » are very informal: Thanks for this amazing lesson on the use of « either » and « neither » in negative agreement. I doubt that anyone watching this video will not be able to use it. Hello Alix, I appease your aboout statement and neither, I ask for an explanation on either, or, nor, and again. Thanks A: I don`t understand Spanish. B neither do I.